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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Ships 900,000 Units Worldwide

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite received an unexpected lukewarm reception when it officially released a few weeks back, making it difficult for the new fighting installment to achieve the previously set sales target of 2 million units.

While reporting its earnings for the quarter ended September 30, Capcom revealed that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has shipped more than 900,000 units worldwide across all three platforms.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, which reportedly had a development budget half of what Street Fighter V was given, barely ranked 19th in terms of the number of downloads from the PlayStation Store for the month of September. The installment was also reported by third-party sources to have failed in placing in the top 10 overall charts in the United States and United Kingdom.

There is still a lot of post-release content incoming for the fighting game. Three of the six additional characters have so far been released, with the remaining set to arrive before the end of the year. A slew of premium costumes have also made their way into the hands of the community, with more on the horizon. Perhaps the new content will result in a surge in overall sales.

For the time being, the developer is preparing to host the Battle for the Stones tournament next month. The $30,000 prize pool will feature sixteen participants, seven of which are victors from past iterations of the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) for preceding installments in the fighting series.