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League of Legends’ New Champion Zoe Revealed, Abilities Might Leave You Dazed

Following a teaser from last week, Riot Games has officially revealed Zoe and her rather confusing kit of abilities for League of Legends.

According to the official website, the childish appearance of the new champion should not be taken lightly. Zoe is a powerful ancient being that is able to warp reality, while blowing bubbles and playing tricks for her own amusement.

She is a “bubbly” burst mage that can directly shoot stars at enemies or redirect their trajectory mid-flight for increased damage. Zoe features a couple of unique abilities to League of Legends, such as stealing summoner spells and activated items from enemies and using it against them. She can also put her targets to sleep, as well as jump between portals on the map.

Passive: More Sparkles!

After casting a spell, Zoe’s next basic attack deals bonus magic damage.

Q: Paddle Star

Zoe fires a star that deals magic damage in a small area and applies her passive. She can recast Q mid-flight to redirect the star to a new position near her. The star’s damage increases based on the distance it has traveled in a straight line.

W: Spell Thief

Enemy summoner spells and active item casts drop spell shards on the ground for an extended period of time. Some minions also drop a spell shard when killed by Zoe. Collecting a spell shard grants one cast of that spell or active item.

When casting any summoner spell, Zoe briefly gains bonus movement speed and tosses missiles at the nearest enemy (prioritizing her nearest enemy). Each missile can trigger her passive.

E: Sleepy Trouble Bubble

Zoe throws a ball that detonates on the first target hit, dealing magic damage and making the struck enemy drowsy. After a couple of seconds, drowsy enemies will briefly fall asleep and take extra damage from the next attack or spell. Whenever an enemy falls asleep, this ability’s cooldown is reduced.

If the Bubble hits nothing, it lingers on the ground as a trap. If cast over a wall, it gains casting range.

R: Portal Jump

Briefly teleport to a targeted position, then teleport back. During the teleport you can use abilities and attack normally, and see over walls. However, you won’t be able to move.

Zoe should be available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) this week, meaning that she should hit the live servers later this month or the next by the latest.