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PUBG Update Hitting Test Servers in the Wake of Vaulting Delay

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG update is hitting the test servers. The vaulting mechanic has been delayed unexpectedly but its rollout on test servers is happening. According to PlayerUnknown, they are also looking into cheating and the patch will make some improvements to the game that would help it tackle this major issues.

Battlegrounds vaulting system has been under development for a long time so its delay surely disappointed the community. It is becoming a necessary mechanic that should make its way to the game as soon as possible.

Players, we are opening our test servers to test some new measures to better detect the use of cheats. We want to make sure that the servers remain stable while these new measures are running. Please report bugs and send us your feedback.

Please note, this is not the vaulting & climbing patch that we know you’ve all been waiting for. That will come a bit later. We’re still working on fixing the issue with that build of our game and once more would like to apologize for the delay.

PUBG update can now be downloaded on PC via Steam. Boot the client and it should start automatically downloading all pending updates. PUBG Corp. previously stated that it would be spending the entirety of November to test new features and content for the game in preparation for the full launch on Steam later this year. Besides the vaulting and climbing mechanics, this includes the new desert map as well as new vehicles, weapons, and replay functionality.

PUBG is now available on PC and will soon release on Xbox One and Xbox One X.