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Destiny 2 PC Stuttering Issue Will Be Fixed Tomorrow

The PC version of Destiny 2 was already in hot water, following its release last week, due to seemingly random bans targeted at players running third-party applications in the background. However, a recent update pushed forward by Bungie has only made things worse.

The hot-fix was supposed to address performance degradation along with a number of other technical problems plaguing the sequel on PC. It ended up introducing an annoying stuttering issue for all players across the platform. The “hitching” is so bad that Destiny 2 appears to be suffering from intense lag.

According to reports, the players do not suffer from frame-drops but there are moments when the screen freezes for a second or two before returning to normal. The Player-versus-Player (PvP) experience has particularly been jeopardized because of the frequent stutters.

Posting on its official website earlier today, Bungie announced that it will be releasing another update tomorrow to, hopefully, correct the problem it introduced itself previously. Players are advised to restart their clients after they update to the hot-fix tomorrow.

The developer has refrained from mentioning what exactly is causing the stuttering problem in the game. Most are just assuming that the last update brought some “bad code” for the specific platform.

Curse of Osiris, the first expansion pack, is scheduled to officially release for Destiny 2 on December 5 for all three major platforms. This gives the PC community around a month to go through the base content before jumping into the expansion pack with the others on consoles.