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Blizzard Shows off the Cancelled Jetpack Cat Overwatch Hero

It was earlier this year when Blizzard revealed that, at one point, it was seriously considering to include an adorable jetpack-wearing cat as a hero in Overwatch. The internal development team loved the potential in a feline character pawing at the controls to trigger different abilities. However, the idea was scrapped soon after for unknown reasons.

While speaking in a panel at BlizzCon 2017 last week, game director Jeff Kaplan and art director Arnold Tsang decided to release the concept art for the character.

Blizzard had two forms of the “jetpack cat” on the table to choose from. One had a drone lifting the happily mewing critter around the battlefield, while the other featured an oversized throne of sorts for a frowning bulkier version.

Before the community begins requesting the developer to bring back the cat hero, know that Blizzard has already stated that chances of it happening are very unlikely. Perhaps more noise and constant reminders will force the hero to be let loose in the future.

The annual convention also saw the developer announce Moira as the next official hero coming to Overwatch. She is a geneticist that loves to do anything for science. Moira uses biotic orbs for healing and damaging abilities. The new support hero follows the release of Doomfist, Orisa, Sombra, and Anna after the default roster was made available last year.