Take A Look At 10 Minutes Of Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Gameplay

Announced at this year’s E3, Horizon Zero Dawn’s first (and only) DLC “The Frozen Wilds” will be releasing on November 7, but we have ten minutes of Horizon Zero Dawn DLC gameplay to show you, which takes you into the area and shows you the characters you’ll meet and the threats you’ll face.

In The Frozen Wilds, Aloy will be traveling to the north of the game area, where she will encounter the White Teeth tribe, a tribe of hunters who pit themselves against the highly dangerous machines that roam the frozen wastes. The gameplay video takes us through the first quest of the DLC, where Aloy must track down two hunters that haven’t yet come back from their trials.

In addition to the new area, new enemies, and new tribe, Aloy will also be getting some new skills that she can use to survive the harsh climate and the harsher dangers. You can see some of these in action in the video of Horizon Zero Dawn DLC gameplay that’s been posted further up the article.

Another new thing that you get to see in the gameplay video is the new way that snow works. As Guerrilla Games really wanted to get across how relentless and harsh the climate was, new snow tech has been implemented in the new region (known as the Cut), meaning that you can see how Aloy deforms the snow and how the characters move in it, not to mention the way that the snow and ice particle effects work.

These new particle effects will also effect visibility however, so while you’re in the Cut you’ll have to stay on your toes to avoid getting ambushed by machines.

To look at the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC gameplay you can check further up the article to watch the video, and be mindful for when the DLC releases on November 7. That’s next Tuesday.