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Moira Uses Biotic Orbs to Heal and Damage in Overwatch

One of the many new pieces of information that Blizzard has revealed at BlizzCon this year is a new Overwatch character, named Moira. This makes it the fifth new character that has been put in Overwatch, alongside Sombra, Anna, Orisa, and Doomfist. Moira is a healing/DPS character that works for Talon.

This means that, alongside Sombra, Reaper, and Widowmaker, Moira will be the most recent character in Overwatch to work for the sinister terrorist organization. She hasn’t gotten an official character short yet, if she will at all, but she’ll likely be a terror on the battlefield whether she gets a short of her own or not.

However, the reveal trailer has shown that she apparently has ties to both Talon and Reaper, and is possibly the person who stitched Gabriel Reyes back together to create the smokey, psychotic killer that Reaper is today.

The new Overwatch character also has a number of interesting abilities to augment her mysterious history. Much like Zenyatta she’s focused on healing, but can also damage her enemies through other abilities. Her left hand expels biotic energy that can heal her allies, while her right hand shoots out energy that can damage enemies. This skill is called Bionic Grasp, and the damaging energy can also heal Moira and restore her energy.

Next we have the Bionic Orb, which like Zenyatta’s orbs can either heal enemies or damage them depending on which variant she throws into the fight. Much like Reaper, however, she also has her Fade ability, which allows her to teleport across a short distance.

The Super ability of the new Overwatch character is apparently a move called Coalescence, where Moira channels her energy into a big beam that heals her allies, but can also bypass her enemy’s barriers in order to damage them.

There’s no telling when Moira will be released, but hopefully when she does she’ll be really fun to play. To see her trailer, look further up the article.