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Xbox Monthly Quests Announced By Microsoft, Bringing An Innovation To The Console War

Microsoft knows how to step up the game when it comes to Xbox. Just before Xbox One X’s release, the company is announcing Xbox Monthly Quests which will give you an extra reason to keep playing and supporting the company while you get free rewards and entries to huge giveaways.

Xbox Monthly Quests have nothing to do with your classic achievements. Each month you will get 3 things to do on your console and if you complete all 3 tasks you will be rewarded with a “mystery prize”, which is not yet known since November is the first month for Xbox Monthly Quests. Your quests for November include:

  1. Log in to your Mixer app on Xbox One on five different days
  2. Increase your Gamerscore by 400 points
  3. Download two Games with Gold

Logging in to Mixer app on 5 days is a simple one, you may already be doing it without the Xbox Monthly Quests. With huge titles released this month like Assassin’s Creed Origins and Middle Earth: Shadow of War increasing your Gamerscore by 400 points is also doable. That goes for the last one too, downloading two Gold games is not that hard (given that you already have an Xbox Gold subscription) with titles like Trackmania Turbo, The Turing Test and Tales from the Borderlands being available.

Each month, one lucky Xbox owner who completes all the quests will also be rewarded with a 55” Samsung 4K TV, which will come in handy if you want to buy an Xbox One X but can’t afford a 4K TV too. This reward will continue running every month, not just for November.

As it seems, an active Xbox Gold subscription is needed in order to complete the quests which will also be a requirement for the months to come. This new feature is a part of Microsoft’s revamp of the console’s interface and features named Xbox One Fall Update, coming shortly after the Xbox Game Gifting feature which was announced a few weeks ago.

Undoubtedly, the company’s decision to bring Xbox Monthly Quests into the mix is a game changer for the console war, making us think of whether Sony and Nintendo will follow at Microsoft’s steps later on.