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“Unexpected Issue” Delays Vaulting and Climbing Update for PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was supposed to receive the highly anticipated vaulting and climbing update this week on its test servers but an “unexpected issue” during internal testing earlier this week has hampered those plans.

Posting on Twitter, the developer refrained from mentioning what exactly has gone wrong but revealed that it has so far been unable to solve the issue. It explained that the test servers are scheduled to run for a long time and it is “crucial that they operate in a stable environment” for everyone involved. Hence, the vaulting and climbing update is being pushed back for PUBG.

The developer has not mentioned any release window for the time being, meaning that whatever is wrong is pretty severe. We might get further details in the coming week.

PUBG Corp. previously stated that it would be spending the entirety of November to test new features and content for the game in preparation for the full launch on Steam later this year. Besides the vaulting and climbing mechanics, this includes the new desert map as well as new vehicles, weapons, and replay functionality.

Unlike the updates that PUBG has previous received, the new content from the test servers will not make it to the live servers. This is because of stability concerns, and the developer hopes to bundle everything together in one neat package when PUBG officially leaves early access later this year.