A Stranger Things Playstation VR Game Is Going To Be Coming Soon

A Playstation VR game based off the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” is apparently coming soon, according to a teaser trailer that was released on YouTube. The Stranger Things Playstation VR game will be the first property based off the series, though various DLCs from other games have come before.

Stranger Things focuses on a number of school kids in the fictional town of Hawkins, which is under siege from extra-dimensional entities coming from a parallel universe known as the “Upside Down”. These kids must find a way to protect their town from these dangers, while the adults struggle to cope with the danger their children are in.

Stranger Things’s second season premiered on October 27 and received critical acclaim much like the first season, so the Stranger Things Playstation VR game is being announced at the perfect time. The teaser trailer itself isn’t much, mainly just the infamous wall of Christmas lights as they spell out “PSVR”.

Exactly what the Stranger Things Playstation VR game will entail remains to be seen, but whatever it does mean, hopefully it will actually be good and open up the door to more games like it, whether on the Playstation VR or other consoles sometime in the future.

Various other video games and DLCs based off of Stranger Things have previously been created, such as a Stranger Things mobile game and two different skin packs, one for the VR adventure game “Face Your Fears” and the other as a Stranger Things skin pack in Minecraft.

While we’re likely going to be waiting a pretty long time before Stranger Things Season 3 actually comes out, and there’s no real release date for the Stranger Things Playstation VR game, hopefully when the game releases it will actually be pretty interesting and will be more than just a tech demo like so many other VR games right now.