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Many Are Still Not Able to Play Destiny 2 Since Launch, Intel and Nvidia User Base Facing Issues

Destiny 2 released on PC close to two weeks ago and since its launch, a number of issues have been reported. However, while many are scheduled to be resolved, a major game breaking bug is yet to even be acknowledged by Bungie.

Players are experiencing crashes on Intel and Nvidia hardware as pointed out by one of our readers, Adam Griffin. There are a handful of threads mentioning this issue, trying to get a response from Bungie but to no avail. The game crashes multiple times and often locks the player out, presenting a black screen. Bungie is either unaware of the problem or is turning a blind so that everything appears well and good in the wake of its new DLC reveal.

With the release of Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed, players have too many options from different genres this season. Bungie’s ignorance may end up being hurtful for a very decent game that offers so much to the player. But sadly, nothing on offer matters if players can’t have access to the game. As a result, many may end up asking for a refund or moving to a different game until the problem is fixed.

There seem to be no reported issues of this nature on AMD hardware. As it appears, the problem exists for many Nvidia users that pair their GPUs with an Intel processor.

Bungie claims that Destiny 2 is built from the ground up for PC but it sure had its fair share of problems. We saw the game banning its players as soon as they booted for the first time. Bungie later had to retract its original stance of not unbanning those affected.

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