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Hundreds of Chinese Overwatch Accounts Banned by Blizzard for “Malicious” Behavior

Blizzard has already made it crystal clear that it has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to keeping Overwatch clean from toxic players.

Earlier today, the developer posted on the official Chinese forums to point out a massive new wave of bans that affected hundreds of players in the region for violating the code of conduct.

A rough translation reveals that the penalized accounts were involved in “malicious” activities such as toxicity, intentional feeding, and trolling. Some were identified as first-time offenders while others had a history of bad behavior towards others. They were all resulting in a negative impact on the experience of others and have been dealt with.

“After careful scrutiny of the staff, we will impose penalties on the players who are identified as having negative competition, and will also monitor and combat such negative behavior for a long time,” Krishna from the customer service team states.

Blizzard also went ahead to share a list of the affected accounts in question that were part of the latest ban-wave. This act is sort of a tradition in China and is rarely followed in the west where the regional staff opts for privacy in the matter.

Last month, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that more than 480,000 accounts have been punished in various forms since Overwatch was released last year. More than 340,000 of these accounts were a direct result of the in-game reporting button.

The developer has also taken massive steps to curb toxicity with a three-strike policy in Competitive Play. Anyone who receives three bans in ranked games will be permanently banned from the queue for life.