For Honor Season 4 Begins Soon, Order & Havoc Brings New Samurai and Viking Heroes

Following a rather eventful third season where Ubisoft was heavily criticized for commemorating the occasion by hosting an official tournament with game-breaking exploits, the developer is now moving forward with another season to “shake up the competitive battlefields” in For Honor.

Posting on its official website, Ubisoft announced that Order & Havoc will introduce the Aramusha and the Shaman as two new heroes for the fourth season. The former is a Samurai that executes fast attacks and deploys quick defenses, while the latter is a Viking that wields two different weapons for different attack patterns.

Aramusha (Samurai Hybrid)
Wielding dual katanas, the Aramusha use their blades for both offence and defense. Navigating the battlefield carefully, they are capable of dodging and attacking quickly. The Aramusha capitalize on the mistakes of their opponents and punish them with a never-ending flow of fast attacks in every direction.

Shaman (Viking Assassin)
Equipped with a hatchet and a dagger, Shamans utilize these two different weapons with quick and deadly precision. They are fierce and aggressive warriors who are strongest when on the offensive. Pouncing on their opponents like wild beasts, Shamans become deadlier as their opponents bleed out onto the battlefield.

Order & Havoc will also bring two new maps called Market Town and The Gauntlet. In addition, the community can expect a new Tribute mode that is objective-based and pits two teams of four against each other with the goal of bringing back Offerings on a map to a Shrine. Lastly, Ranked Dominion play will make its debut following the launch of the fourth season.

Order & Havoc will officially commence from November 14. Take note that the two new heroes in For Honor will initially be accessible by only owners of the season pass. The rest will be able to unlock them from November 21 onward for 15,000 Steel each. The two new maps, however, will be available for free to all starting from the first day.