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Team Rocket Return Confirmed For Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Rumors were spreading like crazy that Team Rocket will make a return for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which were even followed by a set of screenshots showing the two members of the gang but covering the trademark logo on their shirts. Team Rocket’s return is now confirmed by a tweet from featuring the two members, wearing black uniforms this time, covered by rainbow colors.

The aforementioned Tweet also indicated that new information will be unveiled tomorrow, November 2nd, possibly not just about Team Rocket’s existence but general details about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

After this, rumors started anew, stating that Team Rocket will now have a different name -Rainbow Rocket, which could be true given the rainbow color of the R on their uniforms. This rumor is not confirmed yet so it still remains to be seen what their role will be in the game.

Additionally, the Japanese website for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon shared a handful of screenshots, showing gameplay on Nintendo 3DS. Here’s a selection of them:

As wee see in the previous screenshots of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the company was generous enough to show as a bit of everything. Pokemon encounters, fights and talks with NPC and store owners are just a bit of what we are looking at here. What we didn’t have a chance to see is the Ultra Space, which was recently shown in a new trailer.

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Pokémon Ultra Moon will be the last Pokemon core title for Nintendo 2DS/3DS since developer Game Freak has revealed that the game has pushed the handheld to its limits. Now its Nintendo Switch’s time to shine with  Pokken Tournament DX setting a new era in Pokemon games.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon will launch on November 17, 2017, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.