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Destiny 2 PC Hotfix Will Be Available Tomorrow, Fixes Performance Degredation

Destiny 2 PC hotfix will become available for all of the game’s PC players starting tomorrow, according to a statement on the Bungie Help Twitter page. The hotfix will fix performance degradation along with a number of other things that have been plaguing the game since its launch in late October.

Destiny 2 is the first game of Bungie’s to come out on the PC in several decades, the last of which being the Windows Vista version of Halo 2 back in 2007. Destiny 2 is also the first Destiny game to be available on the PC, as the previous game was console-exclusive.

The Destiny 2 PC hotfix will be coming out alongside the Destiny 2 1.0.6 update on the PC, though no such hotfix will be coming out on the console. In addition to performance degradation, the update will also be fixing Clan issues, specifically those that impact clan rosters.

Various other changes will also be coming to Destiny 2 later in the future, such as new systems and rewards that will help the game’s most dedicated players to be able to continue doing more things, new rewards for players that complete Prestige activities, better rewards for Strikes, Lost Sectors, and Adventures, better incentives for playing Crucible (and harsher penalties for people who drop out of a match), and more.

So, if you’re a PC or console player for Destiny 2, then be on the lookout both for the Destiny 2 PC hotfix and its subsequent updates, along with the various rewards that Destiny 2 will be promising further down the line.

Not to mention you’ll soon have a lot more to do on the release of Destiny 2’s first expansion, the Curse of Osiris, as you meet up with a long-forgotten Guardian in order to stop an emerging Vex threat from threatening the Last City. That expansion will be releasing on December 5.