Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide – Where to Find All Power Moons in the Sand Kingdom

The Sand Kingdom is sort of like a desert and a carnival brought together. You will see a lot of colorful edifices as you go through the kingdom. This Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide will show you how you can get 60 of the Power Moons that are found in the Sand Kingdom. Make sure you can use the Jaxi service as it will help you with some of them.

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Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide

In this Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide, we have shared the locations of all available Power Moons in the Sand Kingdom.

Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moon Locations

Atop the Highest Tower

This is your first main story task. Follow the path and get the moon from the tower.

Moon Shards in the Sand

This moon will be highlighted in the cutscene. Throw your cap at Moe-Eye and use his shades to be able to see invisible platforms that you can use to collect the shards.

Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid

This moon can be unlocked by beating the first boss of the area. You will get 3 moons when you are done.

The Hole in the Desert

Similar to the last one, follow the main story and defeat the boss that comes up to unlock these moons.

Overlooking the Desert Town

Climb on the roofs in the city to find this moon. It will be on a tower.

Alcove in the Ruins

You can locate the Power Moon in the alcove towards the corner of the quicksand area.

On the Leaning Pillar

Get a bullet bill to travel to the Power Moon.

Hidden Room in the Flowing Sands

Go to the quicksand area and check the back wall. You will find some space underneath the wall, drop to the sand and jump up once you have crossed the wall to find a secret room.

Secret of the Mural

You can find the moon in the 2D tower area before you go exit it. Find a fake wall and the moon will be behind it.

Secret of the Inverted Mural

Find this in the 2D area of the inverted pyramid. Don’t go to the green tube, instead go right and jump through the hole on the wall to locate the Power Moon.

From a Crate in the Ruins

You will be able to see the Power Moon shine through the crate. Use your cap on Bullet Bill to eradicate the crate and get the Power Moon from the ledge across the gap.

On the Lone Pillar

Go to the desert and find it on top of the pillar. Capture a Glydon on top of the ruins to get to the pillar and collect the Power Moon.

On the Leaning Pillar

Throw your cap at the Jaxi tail and hold the button to make the Power Moon appear.

hand Your Hat on the Fountain

Use the same process that you used with the previous one. Spin your hat on top of the fountain.

Where the Birds Gather

Use your butt slam on the sand dune where all of the birds are found in the oasis. This will reveal the Power Moon.

Top of a Dune

Use your butt slam on the dune to locate the Power Moon. When your controller vibrates faster, you are closer to the Moon.

Lost in the Luggage

Same as before, butt slam the area near the massive building with all the stuff thrown out.

Bullet Bill Breakthrough

Use your Bullet Bill to get through the wall and break the cage of the Power Moon.

Inside a Block is a Hard Place

Destroy the object using the Bullet Bill to get the Moon.

Bird Travelling the Desert

You can find two Power Moons on the birds traveling in the area, hit it with your cap as it flies over the oasis.

Bird Travelling the Wastes

Same as before, hit the bird as it flies over the swamp to get the Power Moon.

The Lurker Under the Stone

Follow the moving object on top of the Inverted pyramid and throw your cap at it to stun it. Butt slam it to find the Power Moon.

The Treasure of Jaxi Ruins

Use your Glydon to get to the platforms with two chests. The Power Moon is in the left one.


All three of these Power Moons can be found on the left side of the main plaza. Find three seeds across the kingdom and plant them in the pots in the plaza to have each of them give you a Power Moon.

The first seed is near the pots, the second is on the east wall of the ruins and the last one is on a cliff towards the west. Hug the wall at the edge of the desert and keep an eye out for the seed.

Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge #1
You know the drill, activate the scarecrow and then use your roll and wall jump to get to the Power Moon.

Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge #2
Same as before. Get a Moe-Eye to reveal the western swamp area’s invisible path which you have to complete before the timer runs out.

Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge #3
Get a Jaxi and go to the scarecrow to the east of the east swamp. Dash across the swamp with the Jaxi to get the Power Moon.

Our Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide is currently work-in-progress. We will update the guide with more Power Moons later down the road.