Sony Issues Statement in Support Of Creators Following Playstation Violence

Sony has issued a statement in support of the various Playstation developers that work for it following Playstation violence across a number of its Paris Games Week trailers yesterday. Trailers like God of War, The Last Of Us 2, and others caused a lot of violence to be shown at the presentation.

For instance, in The Last Of Us 2’s trailer, numerous gruesome deaths, arms being broken with hammers, and a woman being threatened with disembowlment were all shown in all of their glory detail, and various other games shown like Hong Kong Massacre, the God of War trailer, Detroit: Beyond Human, and Insomniac’s Ghost of Tsushima, all brought a level of great violence to the show.

However, despite all the Playstation violence, Sony has issued a statement in support of its various creators. The statement also says that the violence isn’t just for violence’s sake; it also has to be used correctly, and done in a thought-provoking manner that makes the audience know why such violence is necessary.

For instance, in the Detroit: Beyond Human trailer, an abusive father kills a child, and Hong Kong Massacre apparently focuses around a gang war with the Chinese triads. Considering the various stories and mechanics we’ll be dealing with in these various games, all of the violence in these situations needs to be able to remain thought-provoking and frantic.

Various other games have used violence as an anti-violence message or as an attempt to convey some other moral before, such as Spec Ops: The Line and its brutal and uncompromising story that uses the normal plot of a third-person shooter to cut to the heart of what players do to think of themselves as “the hero”.

We’ll be able to see just how all of this Playstation violence shows up later in the game when all of these titles come out at various points in the coming year.