Sledgehammer Explains Why Call of Duty WW 2 War Mode Doesn’t Have Large Player Count

Call of Duty WW2 War Mode is a team-based tactical playground where team coordination is important. The player count is small which is something that is done to make sure strategic play triumphs. According to Sledgehammer Games, this is exactly the reason why the mode doesn’t have a large player count.

Speaking with PlayStation Blog, Sean Soucy, multiplayer designer at Sledgehammer Games, stated that small player number compliments the type of mode this is and it ensures that the best gameplay experience is offered to the players.

We wanted to ensure the best gameplay experience with a high level of team coordination. Our goals were to strike a balance where you feel like you’re really in a World War II battle, while also keeping the gameplay experience tight and fun.

Soucy also spoke about the maps and different dynamics we can expect from Call of Duty WW2 War mode come November.

There are a number of things we’re excited about that players will see for the first time in our three War Mode maps at launch. We’ve got some multi-part objectives which allow a nice layer of player/team choice and tactics.

For example, in your first objective in Operation Neptune, our D-Day-based War Mode map, you’ll have to capture two cliff-side bunkers that are being defended by Axis soldiers trying to mow you down with their MG42 machine guns from atop the cliffs as you try to advance up the beach.

Call of Duty WW2 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and P on November 3. You can pre-order a copy right now from PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace, and Steam. PC requirements have also been shared.