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PUBG Will Be “Xbox One Console Exclusive” as Pre-Orders Go Live

Earlier today, Microsoft made it official that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) would be receiving a “Game Preview Edition” when it releases on Xbox One in December. Shortly following the announcement, pre-orders went live on the Microsoft Store and those interested in enjoying the battle royale experience can choose to secure an early boxed copy.

The retail packaging used in the listing clearly states PUBG to be getting an “Xbox One Console Exclusive” release this year. The new wave of marketing materials have been changed by Microsoft accordingly. In addition, chief executive officer Satya Nadella confirmed in an earnings call today that the upcoming Xbox One version of the game will be a “console exclusive” for the community.

The news hardly comes as surprising because Microsoft was already reported to be talking with PUBG Corp. to extend the exclusivity period for Xbox One. It is also important to note that the game has ditched Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Microsoft Azure for its cloud-hosted servers. The transition likely saw Microsoft offering further benefits in the form of lesser cost to convince the developer.

So what exactly does this mean for those hoping to see the game release on PlayStation 4 in the future?

PUBG Corp. has already made it clear that it is currently busy with the PC and Xbox One versions. Even if it decides to start work on a PlayStation 4 version, it will do so late next year when it is done with both platforms. An extended exclusivity period for Microsoft could mean that Sony must wait at least a couple of years before getting what it wants. Either that or Microsoft will attempt to completely bring PUBG under its corporate umbrella and make it exclusive to just Xbox One. It is also possible that the exclusivity tag is simply a marketing ploy and relates to the Game Preview edition on Xbox One.

PUBG is now available on Steam and Xbox One for the same price of $30.