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Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti And GTX 1070 Power Draw Is Same On Nvidia US Site But Not On UK Site

The Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti was announced recently and it is one of the most anticipated GPUs right now. People are pre-ordering like crazy and I think that this is a great upgrade if you are on the GTX 1050 Ti or any older graphics card that has similar performance but there seems to be some sort of confusion regarding the TDP of the GPU on the official Nvidia sites.

The Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti has higher clock speeds and higher CUDA core count so it makes sense that it would have a higher TDP as compared to the GTX 1070 that has a fewer number of CUDA cores and lower clock speeds. You would expect the Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti to have to TDP closer to the GTX 1080 rather than the GTX 1070.

The official Nvidia US site claims that the TDP of the Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti is 180W which is the same as the GTX 1070. On the other hand, if you look at the UK site you see that the Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti has a TDP of 180W but the little brother GTX 1070 has a TDP of 150W instead.

It is hard to imagine why this is the case. This could be a marketing thing as the TDP mentioned on the site does not mean actual TDP. The recommended PSU for both GPUs is still 500W. This could also be a typo. We have not heard anything from Nvidia about this issue and we will see which site changes their information.

This will most probably be claimed to be a typo at the end but it is interesting to see that this typo has been carried over by multiple sites and is not exclusive to Nvidia USA. Nvidia has also put overclocking restrictions on custom GTX 1070 Ti GPUs and you can check out the workaround for that here

You can also check out the benchmarks of the Asus version of the GTX 1070 Ti here. There seems to be minimal performance difference as compared to the reference design version but then again AIB partners are not allowed to overclock these GPUs out of the box. You can also check out all the GTX 1070 Ti custom models that you can buy.

Let us know what you think about this TDP discrepancy between the Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti and the GTX 1070 and whether or not you think that this is a mistake.