DICE And EA Talk About Battlefront 2 Crate Adjustments Done Before Launch

DICE and EA have added an updated information blurb to their website to tell gamers about the Battlefront 2 crate adjustments that they’re going to be doing before the game launches on November 17. These adjustments are coming due to beta feedback that was critical of the progression system at that time.

To start off with, players will now no longer be able to get Epic Star Cards from loot crates, in order to keep everyone on an even playing field. Epic Star Cards will, instead, only be available through crafting, except for the various Epic Star Cards that you’ll be getting when you pre-order the game or buy Deluxe or Starter Pack cards.

However, the Battlefront 2 crate adjustments also prevent you from grabbing a ton of free Star Cards at once: in order to craft Epic Star Cards and other high-level cards, you’ll have to be at a certain level. This will once again help to keep the playing field level.

Moving on, one of the biggest draws of Battlefront 2 is going to be the various different weapons you’ll be able to grab. However, you’ll be stuck with the various starter weapons for the game until you hit specific milestones, meaning that as you play the various classes more you’ll unlock more weapons for them. i.e., playing a Heavy will get you more Heavy weapons.

Also done as you play through the various classes will be you getting crates filled with class-specific gear, meaning that you’ll probably be able to max out all of your different gear as you max out your different classes and characters.

Altogether, all of the different Battlefront 2 crate adjustments should allow the game’s playerbase to be able to level up at a clip that will hopefully take away any pay-to-win concerns that normally come with highly visible microtransactions and loot crates.