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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Trailer Suggests Exotic Loot From the First Game

It is guaranteed that every expansion pack signals the arrival of new loot for players. In that light, Guardians have already begun contemplating over what new kind of weaponry and armor they will have access to when Curse of Osiris releases later this year for Destiny 2.

The official announcement from Paris Games Week (PGW 2017) may have just focused on giving away story elements on the surface but it did not deter internet sleuths from dissecting the new trailer for further clues.

In a video, community member Mesa Sean points out that the latest footage featured multiple exotic weapons from the first Destiny installment. This includes The Jade Rabbit, a scout rifle that was exclusive to the PlayStation family until recently. There is no telling whether or not Sony will continue to build on exclusive content by making it timed exclusive for Destiny 2 as well.

Another exotic weapon identified from the original installment is Telesto, a fusion rifle that was obtained from multiplayer activities. It should be noted that both the aforementioned weapons required ownership of The Taken King expansion pack, meaning that their return will only be for those who purchase Curse of Osiris.

Some in the community also believe that Thorn, an exotic hand cannon from the first game, is also returning in the sequel. However, it was shown very briefly in the trailer, leading to doubts. Bungie is expected to start dropping details on the loot in the coming weeks.

Curse of Osiris is scheduled to release on December 5 as the first expansion pack for Destiny 2. It will focus on defeating a rising threat from the Vex. Most recently, it was pointed out that the expansion pack will naturally feature Vex-themed weaponry and armor.