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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Trailer Features Vex-Themed Loot

When Sony officially announced Curse of Osiris earlier this week as the first expansion pack for Destiny 2, it gave away some of the new lore that the community will be enjoying later this year.

Guardians must immediately begin preparations to travel to Mercury and find the banished warlock named Osiris for his help in defeating the Vex. Considering that the ancient mechanical specie will be central to the plot of the expansion pack, it is only natural that players will be given access to new loot to help their cause.

The community has been fairly busy in breaking down the trailer from Paris Games Week (PGW 2017) for clues. GameRant pointed out earlier today that the footage contained several weapons and armor themed around the Vex. They are noticeable from the mysterious glyphs, protruding wires, and a color palette of black and gold.

There is no confirmation as to whether players will earn the new Vex-themed weapons through the story or must grind them from the strikes and other multiplayer activities. We are likely looking at them both.

Curse of Osiris is scheduled to officially release for Destiny 2 on December 5 for all three major platforms. This gives the PC community around a month to go through the base content before jumping into the expansion pack with the others on consoles.