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Blizzard Promises Damage Buff for Ana in Overwatch

Mercy was already a primary pick for healers in Overwatch but her recent rework has only made her a more prominent hero over others in the same category.

Posting on the official forums, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that there are plans to buff Ana in the near future in order to give players additional options for their compositions.

“We’re increasing her damage,” Kaplan revealed. “We’ve been testing it internally for a while.”

He further added that the upcoming changes were given to a competitive group of players this week and the initial feedback has been positive so far. In that light, Blizzard hopes to see the buffed Ana arrive on the Public Test Region (PTR) very soon.

Players can expect the damage numbers for the support sniper to be increased from 60 to 70. This will in turn increase her healing ability by 10 HP per shot, which could prove significant for those with sticky aims. Ana is simply not that effective in her current state but the situation should turn around when the changes go live.

Overwatch concluded its sixth competitive season a couple of days ago and the new season is scheduled to commence later today. Players who managed to place within the top 500 on a platform and in a region before the end should have already received an extra player icon and animated spray in addition to the other seasonal rewards. This also includes a number of Competitive Points (CP) based on the maximum Skill Rating (SR) they achieved during the season.