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AMD Vega And Ryzen Could See Better Optimization In Far Cry 5 With AMD and Ubisoft Working Together

AMD Vega and Ryzen are doing pretty well and we have seen that because people are shifting from Intel to AMD just because of the value that AMD has brought to the market. Other than that we are still waiting for AMD Vega GPUs to come to market as well as the custom AMD Vega GPUs. If you have seen the Far Cry 5 trailer you must have noticed the AMD Vega and Ryzen branding at the end.

If AMD is working with Ubisoft then this could mean better optimization for AMD hardware which is important because the PC versions of games that Ubisoft releases are not well optimized. The latest addition to those titles is AC: Origins which seems to be lagging behind due to an additional layer of anti-piracy software.

VMProtect is added on top of Denuvo, and every single time the player moves it tries to verify authentication causing insane CPU usage. This is causing the game to take up 30-40% more CPU usage than what it should be and that is impacting performance on PC. The game has not been cracked yet so we do not know whether or not the cracked version of the game will perform better.

Keeping all this in mind I think that if Ubisoft works with AMD in bringing better optimization for Far Cry 5 then that is something that people using AMD hardware will appreciate. There might not be many people with AMD Vega GPUs right now but there are plenty of people that are using Ryzen CPUs.

Far Cry 5 is a game that I am looking forward to checking out and I hope that the PC version of the game is better optimized as compared to other Ubisoft games. Though the company is known for poor PC optimization the company does know how to make attractive games and people just love the concepts that they bring to the table.

Let us know what you think about the partnership between AMD and Ubisoft for Far Cry 5 and whether or not you are hoping for better optimization with AMD Vega and Ryzen.