Sony PlayStation Network Could Be Protected By Blockchain In The Future According To Patent

Sony PlayStation Network has been hacked a couple of times and information of celebrities and other users has been leaked over the internet. You can imagine why this can be an issue. Sony is trying to solve this issue by enabling 2-factor authentication but is not stopping there. Sony PlayStation Network could be protected by blockchain in the future.

Records show that Sony filed a patent for the use of blockchain in order to add another layer of security to Sony PlayStation Network. While this patent is pending it is possible that this will be the answer to the security issues that Sony PlayStation Network is facing in the future. You can also click here to learn about Sony PlayStation sales.

Do take this with a grain of salt as not all patents that are filed are granted and it is not necessary that this technology is actually used even if the patent is granted. Companies can always safeguard such technology for use in the future but whether or not they choose to use it is their choice at the end of the day.

According to the patent, this method can be used to transactions as well as data transfers so the implementation will be interesting to see. The blockchain tech will mimic the current TFA measures the company has in place. Users will be sent encrypted verification codes through the blockchain to use alongside traditional username/password login details. Hence adding an extra layer of security.

2-factor authentication is something that we have seen with other applications as well and it is a good thing that the same thing is also being added to Sony PlayStation Network. Users of the service should have some peace of mind once the upgrades are made. “The Resistance” DLC for Call of Duty WWII will also be coming to PS4 first.

Let us know what you think about blockchains being used in order to protect Sony PlayStation Network and whether or not you think that this is the right move to make in the future.