New God of War Trailer Brings the Revenant to Life

Sony has often pointed out the dynamic combat system between Kratos and Atreus in the upcoming new God of War installment. Whether he appreciates it or not, the ash-covered spartan will band together with his son when pitted against unrelenting foes. In that light, the Paris Games Week (PGW 2017) brought out a new gameplay trailer last night to showcase the very fact.

The duo is shown venturing deep within a series of caverns when it comes across a Soul Eater, which Atreus notes is able to rob its victims off the afterlife. Once the creature moves on, our lead characters find themselves facing off against multiple smaller enemies. The combat exhibited here is brisk, flashy, and brutal.

Kratos unleashes devastating waves of energy by charging his mystical axe, and then following by throwing it across as a boomerang to interact with the environment. On the side, Atreus is actively involved as well. He is constantly firing off his trusty bow and even performs a cinematic finisher with a mighty dropkick.

As the duo moves deeper into the caverns, they begin to hear singing. The footage concludes by giving us the first proper in-game look at the revenant creature, which the developer teased last month.

Unfortunately, Sony is still not quite ready to confirm a solid release date. God of War continues to be pegged for an arrival in early 2018, which is speculated to be before the end of March. Horizon: Zero Dawn had a successful launch in February. Sony might be thinking of doing it again for God of War next year.

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