The Last Of Us 2 Trailer Was Running Off A Playstation 4 Pro, More Big Reveals

If you were watching the Paris Games Week show today or at least keeping track, you probably saw the Last Of Us 2 trailer that was posted. That trailer was, according to Naughty Dog, running off of a Playstation 4 Pro, which explains why it looked so utterly amazing in every way.

The Last Of Us 2 trailer was fairly intense, definitely much darker than the original trailer in both tone and lighting. It also, however, gave us an insight into what we might be dealing with in the game. Going by the dialogue, at least one threat we deal with might be some sort of post-apocalyptic cult, though they don’t come out of the trailer looking too pretty.

While Naughty Dog has said that The Last Of Us 2 is still about Ellie and Joel, this time we might be coming across more colorful characters as Ellie and Joel go through whatever adventures and hardships that they have to in order to reach their end goal. What exactly that will involve, however, is another story.

There’s still no idea on a release date for The Last Of Us 2, but Naughty Dog has said that in the future we won’t have to wait as long for big reveals. Fitting, especially considering that the last time we got any trailer or related information about The Last Of Us 2 was at last year’s Playstation Experience, almost a year ago.

Hopefully, now that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is over and done with, Naughty Dog can start to work on The Last Of Us 2 and the game will be out fairly soon, even if we have to wait until 2018.

To see the Last Of Us 2 trailer for yourself, all you have to do is look further up this article, and be on the lookout for more Last Of Us 2 information.