You Get to Choose Illaoi’s Next League of Legends Skin

It has been nearly two years since Illaoi made her way into League of Legends with an accompanying Void Bringer skin. While other champions have received multiple new skins during this time, the Kraken priestess remains with her singular lonesome option. However, that is about to change.

Posting on the official forums, concept artist Jon “DrPh8” Buran shared three skin options for Illaoi. Riot Games has apparently been working on these for quite some time but was unable to narrow down the list to just one. Here is where the community comes into play.

“We narrowed the list down to the ones we’re most excited about, but this time around we want to leave the final call in your hands,” Riot Games revealed. “Vote on which skin you want to see us create, and after the winner is announced, we’ll be updating you regularly on its development.”

Starting from today onward, players have the opportunity to vote on which of the three skins they want to see released for Illaoi in League of Legends. The polls will remain open until November 13. The developer has promised to update everyone every couple of weeks on the progress of the skin that gets the most votes, taking into consideration feedback and reactions.

Here are the three choices for you to choose from:

Battlecast Illaoi
Part machine, part human, Battlecast Illaoi fights for the survival of all organics against Creator Viktor’s “Evolution.”

Adventurer Illaoi
She’s beaten ancient curses, discovered hidden temples, explored the depths of the ocean, and survived it all unscathed.

Deep Space Illaoi
Infected during a mission in space, Deep Space Illaoi and her “friend” now roam the universe looking to add to their family.