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Fortnite Brings Back Squads After Server Troubles on the Weekend

The servers of Fortnite took a serious hammering over the weekend, following an erroneous maintenance that crippled the online infrastructure and services.

The problem began on Friday as players started experiencing login issues. By Saturday, the connectivity woes had only worsened and many struggled to enter Fortnite. During this time, the developer revealed that it was fixing the database but ended up creating new issues. The result was that a portion of the online infrastructure had gone offline.

This caused a large number of players stuck in queues as they all repeatedly tried to log back into the game. To quell the toll on the servers in hand, the developer had no other choice but to temporarily disable Squads until the online service was normalized. It is important to note that the Battle Royale mode, while extremely popular for Fortnite, is also responsible for severe strain on the servers due to the number of players involved in a single session.

Last night, the community finally received good news on the matter. The problem has been rectified and Squads are back online. There were a few reported stability concerns once the servers were back up but these have also died down since then.

Fortnite has seen more than 10 million players since it introduced the Battle Royale mode last month, and registered more than 500,000 concurrent players across all platforms earlier this month. However, the peak activity pales in comparison to the fact that Fortnite brought over a million players when it first launched.