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Memory Leak Problem in Destiny 2 Probably Linked To Clans

Destiny 2 seems to be having a bumpy start on PC with more problems surfacing day by day. Now a Memory Leak Problem in Destiny 2 has been found, causing players to experience choppy gameplay and screen tearing. While the community is searching for an answer, there were those who found the remedy just by leaving their clan.

As it seems all those memory leak issues can be solved just by leaving your clan. Players who have tried that have seen the problem immediately vanishing while joining the clan again makes it come back. Bungie hasn’t confirmed yet that clans are actually the source of the problem but Bungie’s Community Manager made sure that the team will investigate this matter.

If you have the same memory leak problem in Destiny 2 then the only solution, for now, is for you to leave your clan. Since Bungie is already investigating a ton of other issues in Destiny 2’s PC version, players will have to wait for fixes to certain problems especially if they don’t cause crashes or complete game breakdowns.

Speaking of problems, Bungie is still investigating the issue that caused over 400 players to get banned with no obvious reason. The company believes that banned players were using tools that were a threat to the game’s ecosystem but no specifics were shared. Bungie stated that it was all part of an anti-cheat system that “resists attempts” from unauthorized applications to access the client. This includes several popular external programs to monitor hardware, capture gameplay footage, and stream online, as well as their overlays.

There is also a problem that players with AMD Phenom processors are experiencing where the game crashes constantly or even won’t start. Bungie already put this issue on a thread saying “SSSE3 Required: Destiny 2 will not run on processors without Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSSE3)”.

Let’s hope Bungie will manage to fix all these problems or at least give a solid explanation about their source in the meantime. For what it’s worth fans have been waiting for a Destiny PC port for quite some time now, so it’s worth the wait.