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Valve Launches Steam Halloween Sale, Offers Lots Of Spooky Deals

The time has come for Valve to once again empty the wallets and bank accounts of the Steam base, and the Steam Halloween Sale is the first sales event that’s going to do it. The sale will offer big discounts on a variety of horror games from all over its catalogue.

With Halloween right around the corner (in countries that celebrate it at least), there’s plenty of games that you can pick up to scare the pants off of yourself from today, October 26, until November 1, next Wednesday. There are also sales on various Horror VR titles, and even the sizable number of horror movies that have come to Steam since it started accepting movies onto its store.

If you’re up for a game where you can take your worst fears and blast them in the face, you could try Doom for $20.09, Prey for $29.99, Dead Rising 4 for $35.99, or Vermintide for $7.49 (even more relevant since the sequel was recently announced.)

If you want a game where you have to run and hide in a whimpering puddle of your own sweat from maniacs or monsters that want to kill you, you can pick up the Amnesia collection for $3.49, Outlast for $3.99, or if you’re in the mood for some existential dread along with your more physical horror desires, SOMA for $7.49.

Various horror VR games available in the Steam Halloween sale include The Brookhaven Experiment for $9.99, Emily Wants To Play for $1.99, Don’t Knock Twice for $11.49, and The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter for $5.98.

Lastly on the Steam Halloween sale we have a wide variety of horror movies available. Whether you want a classic horror movie like Saw (with every movie available for $38.87) or Evil Dead 2 (for 99 cents), a new movie like Joss Whedon’s Cabin In The Woods for $5.98, or something to take the scare away like Rifftrax of Night of the Living Dead or When A Stranger Calls Back (both for $5.99), the Steam Halloween sale is sure to have something for everyone.