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Steam Curator Revamp Will Help Benefit Users, Devs, And Curators All Together

The curator system on Steam, where various people can recommend some of their favorite games to other people, is going to be getting a revamp according to an announcement by Valve. According to a statement by the company, the Steam curator revamp is going to benefit users, devs, and curators.

Considering the massive numbers of games that are in Steam right now, the curator system is a way not only to spread love to some of the lesser-known games that still get noticed by influential people, but also for people to spread their own love about their favorite games.

With the Steam curator revamp, curators will now be able to do things like creating themed lists or posting videos to their favorite games. Developers will now also be able to interact more with their fans through the curated lists, and will also now be able to send out review codes more accurately to journalists and content producers.

The Steam curator revamp will include all of this and more as Steam makes it easier for devs, curators, and Steam users to interact with one another across the catalogue, and will hopefully allow users to be a part of even more cool games that often get lost in the crowd despite being just as good as any triple-A game or indie darling.

A small beta test of the new Steam curator revamp is currently going on exclusively for curators, so hopefully at some point soon we’ll have the full version of the revamp coming to the rest of Steam so that the entire userbase can take part in it.

Either way, until the new curator system comes out, be on the lookout for the current system and be sure to browse it from time to time to see what sorts of games you might come across.