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Hackers Have Invaded PUBG, New Server-Side Anti-Cheat Measures Incoming

For the past seven months, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has managed to keep itself clean by purging cheaters and hackers on a daily basis. Unfortunately for the community, a new breed of malicious individuals have started peeking over the horizon that has figured out a way to bypass the security walls and inject their illegal third-party code for unfair advantage in the game.

The past week has seen several reports about cheaters and hackers plaguing almost every game. Some servers have been hit the most, and it is guaranteed that you are going to be playing against them during the peak hours. The massive outcry from the community includes popular streamers as well, all requesting the developer to take necessary steps to resolve the problem.

Earlier today, PUBG Corp. announced that it will be taking the game offline tomorrow for a one-hour maintenance period. During this time, the developer will be implementing “changes to a back-end system needed for an anti-cheat measure.”

According to a recent post on Reddit, the developer has already added certain files for the new server-side anti-cheat system. This is designed to detect cheaters and hackers that bypass BattlEye. The log mentions detection algorithms for unlimited ammunition, speed hacks, aimbots, increased attack range, invisible walls, and mass killing.

It was only last week when BattlEye announced that it had banned more than 42,000 accounts in PUBG in a single day. While the anti-cheat system has produced commendable results, it is always a matter of time before cheat-hack-developers evolve their code to fool the game. It is a never-ending battle between both sides.