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Destiny 2 Private Matches Pegged for Early 2018, New and Better Rewards Incoming

With Destiny 2 now available on all three platforms, Bungie has begun talking about upcoming features and improvements that we can expect to be pushed simultaneously across the board.

Posting on its official blog earlier today, the developer confirmed that it will be introducing private multiplayer matches for the competitive community early next year. Better incentives are being planned for strikes, adventures, and lost sectors. There will similarly be better rewards for completing Crucible matches, and stern penalties for quitting midway. Bungie also mentioned benefits for the most active players in the community, and the few who manage success in Prestige activities.

Elsewhere, the developer stated that it has been closely following feedback from players and will be releasing an emote interface in the future to equip more than one emote at the same time. Furthermore, players can look forward to new ways to spend their hard-earned currency and materials such as legendary shards.

There is no word on when any of the aforementioned promises will be fulfilled but we are surely looking at a very eventful next year. Bungie, though, did confirm that it will soon be deploying a hot-fix next week to bring back the Monty Python-inspired “Bureaucratic Walk” emote without the wall-breaking glitch. This will be part of Patch 1.0.6, which brings improvements and balance to the Crucible.

Destiny 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.