Cliff Blezinski Says The Press Can Go To Hell Over LawBreakers Coverage

If you’ve heard about LawBreakers, the new team-based shooter released by Cliff Blezinski and his team at Boss Key Productions, you might be one of the few that actually know that it came out. The game hasn’t gotten much coverage at all, and is apparently already failing in player count.

The game focuses around a post-apocalyptic Earth that has been shattered by a gravitational anomaly known as the Shattering, which destroyed the moon and made much of the planet uninhabitable. In its wake, various corporations and criminal gangs have risen up to take advantage of the chaos, and are being fought by the world’s law enforcement.

Ever since the game released, player numbers in it have been much lower than what were expected, as Blizzard’s Overwatch game appears to still have supremacy when it comes to hero shooters. While LawBreakers and Overwatch play fairly different from one another, it still isn’t enough to stop people from making the comparison.

The press coverage of the game hasn’t improved its image either, driving in repeated statements that the game is still lacking many players. Cliff Blezinski has said in response that the first-person shooter genre is a race, not a sprint, and there’s still plenty of time for LawBreakers to catch up.

However, considering that Overwatch has been going strong for nearly two years now, and shows no signs of slowing down (unlike Battleborn, Gearbox Software’s own hero shooter that came out two weeks before Overwatch and was rapidly eclipsed by it), there may be too much ahead of LawBreakers to allow it to catch up.

LawBreakers is currently available for the PC and Playstation 4, so if you’re interested in it, you can probably pick it up on Steam or the Playstation Store right now, and help to prove Cliff Blezinski’s point.