Super Mario Odyssey Spewart Boss Guide – How to Beat, Defeat Luncheon Kingdom Boss

Since Spewart is one of the Broodals who play the role of the secondary antagonists in the new Super Mario, defeating this boss is much more trickier than it seems. This Super Mario Odyssey Spewart Boss Guide will teach you how you can defeat the infamous group of rabbits who are well known for their weddings in the Luncheon Kingdom.

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Super Mario Odyssey Spewart Boss Guide

In this Super Mario Odyssey Spewart Boss Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about beating Spewart.

Super Mario Odyssey Spewart Boss

Once you get to the boss, you will find he is wearing a blue suit along with a white tie. He also dons a blue top had and spiked bracelets in both of his arms.

The Stupendous Stew of the Luncheon Kingdom seems to be his pleasure, as he mentions he stole a lot of it before the battle starts.

Spewart will initially inhale for a short period and then exhale a ton of purple stuff in a circular fashion on the floor. This goo will deal damage so try to avoid it. The boss will continue to do this and it will exhale goo wherever it can find free space.

To clear the goo, you have to perform a hat throw towards the goo. This will clear the goo and let you get closer to Spewart. Dealing damage to him can be difficult.

You have to first try to hit him with your hat throw which will make him vulnerable to your attacks. Now the only way you can do damage to him is if you jump on him, so make sure that you try to stay as close to him as is possible for you.

When Spewart takes damage, he will use his hat as a ship and start flying around the area dropping the purple stuff everywhere. Soon though, he will return where you have to repeat the process until he completely dies and you can move on with the story.

That is all we have for our Super Mario Odyssey Spewart Boss Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comment section below!