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Steam Now Allows You To Gift Wallet Funds With Digital Gift Cards

Lately, Valve has been making changes to Steam to make it much for accessible for its users, and now Valve has introduced a new feature, Digital Gift Cards, that will allow users to gift Wallet Funds to their friends, which will make things easier as users won’t have to make game choices for their friends.

With Digital Gift Cards players will send wallet funds to their friends and then they can use it to buy the game of their choice which is quite unlike the game gifting feature that is already present for Steam users. However, there is one condition which is that the recipient has to be your friend on Steam for at least 3 days.

Also, users will not be able to buy these Digital Gift Cards through their already existing wallet funds. Furthermore, users will be able to send these Digital Gist Cards to their friends in other countries and Steam will automatically convert the funds to their local currency.

In related news, every year Steam users witness multiple sales on the platforms and dates for the three upcoming Steam sales have allegedly been leaked. These sales include Steam Halloween Sale, Black Friday sale and Winder Sale.

According to the leak, Halloween sale will start on October 26, 2017, and will continue till November 1, 2017. Black Friday sale will start on November 22, 2017, and will continue till November 28. As for the Steam Winter sale, it will start on December 24 and will continue till January 4, 2018.

Also, Valve recently removed almost 200 games from Steam citing those removed games as fake. All of the removed games were developed by Silicon Echo Studios and there is also a good reason for Valve to remove games at such a scale.

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