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Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Update: Kapkan, Blitz, and Ela Reworked

The Mid-Season Reinforcements have finally arrived for Rainbow Six Siege, bringing changes and features that the community has been awaiting for a long time.

According to the official patch notes, Kapkan now carries five booby traps that are harder to see and deal reduced damage. They no longer guarantee instant kills but on the flip side, give the operator increased movement speed.

Blitz has been given the ability to sprint with his shield extended in order to close the gap between him and his targets. Ela is losing a mine and will now reach maximum recoil on her primary sub-machine gun faster than before.

Finally, Jäger is receiving the Flying Ace Elite set. It comes with a matching uniform and headgear, operator card, operator title, charm, and a signature victory animation.

As previously mentioned by the developer, Rainbow Six Siege is ready to address the problem of high latency advantage. The servers will now more accurately mirror the reaction time of a player with an unstable internet connection to give opponents a slighter larger window of opportunity.

The upper limit on the latency required to initiate extra hit validation steps has been reduced. There is also a new pawn-to-pawn physics system to ensure that players are no longer able to teleport behind shield users. Ubisoft has promised even more optimizations in the future. Those playing on high pings should find it less appealing to do so following the new update.

Elsewhere, a number of bugs have been squashed. Most notably, players can no longer see through smoke grenades when they are far away. Clipping issues involving shields have been fixed. Deploying Castle’s barricade and cancelling the animation no longer causes frame-rate drops for others. Tachanka’s turret can no longer be exploited to duplicate indefinitely. A previous glitch where voice chat could be heard between different games has been amended as well.

The Mid-Season Reinforcements should go live for Rainbow Six Siege this week.