New Beyond Good And Evil 2 Concept Art Released By Michael Ancel

Michael Ancel, a game designer that’s working on the Beyond Good and Evil sequel, has released some new Beyond Good And Evil 2 concept art that gives us more conclusions to draw about the game and its setting, particularly in the case of the human-animal hybrids that we’ve seen in trailers.

In System 3, the main setting of the game, human-animal hybrids are seen as the downtrodden rungs of society, being used for things like cheap labor, slavery, and even, for the furries among the future world, being used as courtesans (ever-so-lovingly illustrated with a pig prostitute). People also use them as houses for replacement organs that can then be removed when needed.

Two other bits of Beyond Good and Evil 2 concept art also show hybrids being used in blood sports (with a rhino and a shark being the combatants), construction, and possibly being adopted by a human family (as shown by an adorable piglet hybrid in a human home).

As a more mature version of the somewhat light-hearted story that we saw in the first Beyond Good and Evil, where Uncle Pey’j was seen as a character and a wise mentor to Jade, we’ll likely see the seedy underbelly of the setting as our crew of intrepid space pirates travel the galaxy in order to find what their captain terms as the “gateway to true freedom.”

We’ll likely be seeing a lot of different human-animal hybrids across the game as we travel through System 3’s various worlds, and we’ve already been introduced to one, a panda by the name of Hsing-Hsing who runs a tea shop. Hsing-Hsing also used to be used by humans, along with many other panda hybrids, in order to build and maintain the elaborate temples and gardens that reside in System 3.

Either way, you can look at all the Beyond Good and Evil 2 concept art to see how hybrids are used in the future by clicking this link, and we’ll likely see even more when the game actually comes out, whenever that is.