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EA Sports Releases FIFA 18 Update 1.05 For PC, Xbox and PS4 Coming Later

FIFA 18 Update 1.05 has been released by EA Sports specifically for the PC, and the patch will be released for the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4 at a later date. The update is fairly large, fixing a number of cosmetic issues along with various other glitches and bugs in the game.

To start off with, we have the gameplay adjustments that were made. Ground passes will now be less effective if you shoot them anywhere other than straight from 0 to 90-degrees. Shooting them the other 270 degrees around your player will make them less accurate and slower, and you’ll see this the most in the areas from 140 degrees to 220 degrees.

Other changes made to gameplay include the goalkeeper moving too early or on some occasions parrying the ball back into his goal, rather than outwards. Players were also unable to string together multiple stopovers, issues with custom controls, and more.

Bug fixes in the FIFA 18 Update 1.05 include various crashes, team logos displaying incorrectly, crowd flags being wrong, players sometimes not receiving invites in Pro Clubs Friendly Matches, Objective Completed visual confirmations not showing up, the goalkeeper being unable to throw the ball back out if he made a save close to the goal line, and more.

Various other adjustments include visual things like making sure logos are displayed correctly, audio corrections such as whenever Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates, and showing the wrong badges on your opponent in the online Match Preview screens.

While there’s nothing too upsetting in FIFA 18 update 1.05, it’s likely going to be a lot more well-received than the previous update, which upped the difficulty of the game to make goalies more skilled and got a lot of criticism from some FIFA players who felt that games were now less intense and less fun to play since the scores couldn’t be run up.

Either way, you can find the patch notes on the update here, or you can get on the game and see how it feels for yourself.