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Destiny 2 PC Bans Still an Issue, Some Being Reverted as Bungie Investigates Further

Destiny 2 PC bans struck the community hard at release as over 400 players were banned from the game. Reason? No one knows, not even Bungie knew what’s going on at first. Players were being banned for simply logging into the game. This prompted a backlash from the community.

What made matters worse is that Bungie refused to revert these bans. If it sounds ridiculous to you, it is! However, the good news is that some of these bans are now being reverted. While those who now have access to the game will be happy, others are still locked out.

Bungie is investigating the problem further but the company believes that banned players were using tools that were a threat to the game’s ecosystem but no specifics were shared.

Bungie shared a few facts about Destiny 2 and its ban system:

The following is true:

Destiny 2 cannot automatically ban you, only Bungie can ban a player after a manual investigation
Yesterday, we banned approximately 400 players on PC
Bans were applied to players who were using tools that pose a threat to the shared ecosystem of the game
We did not (and will not) issue any bans for the use of overlays or performance tools, including Discord, Xsplit, OBS, RTSS, etc.
Information on using third-party applications can be found here:
We are overturning 4 of the bans that were issued during the PC Beta

If they were using any shady software, the specifics need to be shared. Thankfully, Destiny 2 PC bans weren’t a widespread issue and hopefully, it won’t turn into one.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and will soon arrive for Xbox One X as well. For more on Destiny 2 stay-tuned!