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Super Mario Run Loads Of Coins Event Is Making A Return Today

Nintendo has announced that the Super Mario Run Loads of Coins event is making a return today, allowing you to get…well…loads of coins! The event, which runs from today until Thursday on November 9, will allow you to get huge numbers of coins to buy cosmetic items in the game’s store.

Coins are one of the three different currencies in Super Mario Run, along with Toads and Tickets, and with the Loads of Coins event you can grab way more than you can normally. In order to get coins, you’ll have to play the game’s Toad Rally mode over and over again, and playing the game mode will allow you to get 1.5 as many coins as normal.

Running through that mode over and over again will probably allow you to get a ton of coins together, which can be a real boon in trying to grind up to get certain cosmetic items, if you’re into that sort of thing or even if you play Super Mario Run anymore. If you’re not into endless runner games then you might have deleted the game by now.

That’s likely one of the reasons why the Super Mario Run Loads of Coins event has been making a comeback recently, as Nintendo might be having the event come back to draw more people back into the game, unless they’ve gotten all of the cosmetic items and have, in essence, gotten everything they wanted out of the game.

While Mario games may be popular, there’s only so much mileage (heh) that you can get out of an endless runner game before you get bored and end up deleting it, much like many other mobile games that you inevitably end up buying or playing.

Either way, if you want to take part in the Super Mario Run Loads of Coins event, all you have to do is download the game again and take part in the Toad Rally mode.