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Super Mario Odyssey Pre-load Now Live, Here Is How Much Space It Needs

Super Mario Odyssey is just a couple of days away from launch and the game is already available for pre-load. However, Super Mario Odyssey Pre-load is currently only available in North America and Japan and will require 5.2 GB of space on your hybrid console.

Super Mario Odyssey pre-load will be very helpful as players will be able to download the game and will be able to play it as soon as it unlocks. Also, the pre-load will be helpful in case of day-one-patch as players will not have to wait too long for the patch to download.

Many games have been launched for Nintendo Switch since its release but, there are not many games that can pull off 60 FPS on the hybrid console. However, that is not the case with Super Mario Odyssey as Nintendo has announced that the game will run at 60 FPS on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is also getting titles from third-party publishers and developers such as Doom, which will launch for Switch next month, and more. However, it seems that Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy might also be coming to Switch as the game has been listed for the hybrid console.

While the game is a couple of days away from launch but a couple of reviews for the game have already emerged on the internet. Famitsu has given a score of 39 out of 40 and the game has scored a perfect 10 from EDGE magazine, a UK-based video game magazine, and it seems that the game will be getting much more praise from other critics as well.

Super Mario Odyssey is an upcoming platformer in development at Nintendo and will launch this fall exclusively for Nintendo Switch.