South Park: The Fractured but Whole The Bowels Of The Beast Dungeon Guide – How to Complete

This is the first dungeon in the game and it is made up of two major areas. Going through this is a rigorous process and requires you to move through a lot of different areas and objectives before your adventure is over.

This South Park: The Fractured but Whole The Bowels Of The Beast Dungeon Guide is a comprehensive walkthrough of the dungeon to help you in case you get stuck in a certain place or are just looking for an easy way to move through this part of the game.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole The Bowels Of The Beast Dungeon Guide

To start the quest, you will need to go to Cartman’s house after your fight with Mysterion on the Main Street. Interact with the food on your plate and then go sleep on the bed upstairs.

You will need to escape your house by using a firecracker on the key in the basement door when you wake up. After this, use firecrackers on the two bolts and then meet up with Captain Diabetes outside your house. Now your quest begins!

The Bowels Of The Beast Dungeon Guide

Beating Randy

The first part of the quest requires you to beat Randy, who is extremely drunk. Use the double punch of Captain Diabetes to knock back Randy into his car. Beware of his charge and give yourself some extra shields to ease your path. Also, remember to use status effects such as Fire and Gross to beat him down slowly but surely. Using Captain Diabetes’ ultimate is a good way to end this fight as well.

Moving to Main Street

Move over to Kyle’s house and then move to the second-floor hall. Knock down the ladder using a firecracker and then smash the debris in the attic to move over to the platform beneath the window exit. Talk to Captain Diabetes to slide down the wire rope and get to Main Stream. Follow the captain down the street all the way to the concert and then talk to him so that he can move the port-a-potty. Now you can enter the strip club.

Move inside the Strip Club

To get inside the strip club, you need to go to the right side of the exterior and use a firecracker on the dumpster. This will reveal a window which has been left open. Speak to Captain Diabetes as the dumpster lid drops so that he can move the pay-phone. This will allow you to drop inside the Peppermint Hippo restroom. You can locate certain loot in the washroom if you want to before you move to the main area.

Inside the strip club

Go to the dancers and talk to them so that you can get inside the VIP room. Here you will need to dance on the creepy guys before you can move forward. One of the guys will start a fight with the slow effect on you. Use Captain Diabetes to slow the second guy. Now use the knockback ability along with the protect/slow to ensure that you can attack your enemies from multiple angles and quickly take care of them.

Distracting the DJ

This is a little tricky as you need to make the “DJ Special Recipe”. Find the first ingredient known as Rat Shit in the backroom behind the kitchen. All you need to do is to use a firecracker on the shelves and then go up the ramp before scaring the cat with a firecracker.

The second ingredient (Boogers n’ Cum) will be found by starting a fire in the kitchen. Throw a firecracker in the oven and then throw a fart projectile to explode the shelf and drop a jar of the stuff. The last ingredient is found on the bottom left corner table in the main room.

Once you have the ingredients, combine all three by crafting the DJ Special and give it to the DJ to knock him out. Follow Classi to the backstage to meet the boss.

Defeating Spontaneous Bootay

To learn how to defeat Spontaneous Bootay, you can head over to the link.

Following Classi

After you have defeated the Bootay, follow classy by eating the Enchirito, then using TimeFart to rewind time and save Captain Diabetes before moving over to the entrance of the restaurant to talk to your pals. At this point, you will unlock The Coon and will be able to call in whichever hero you want. Human Kite is a good choice due to his healing abilities. Select your heroes and then move back to the kitchen to search for Classi.

Defeating the Cooks is easy because you have The Coon and TimeFart. The Coon can zip across an area and attack multiple enemies, making them bleed. Remember to use Burritos between turns to heal yourself and slow the enemies if they are causing too much trouble. The Human Kite should also be used to give you shields during the fight.

Defeating Red Wine Drunk Randy

To learn how to defeat Red Wine Drunk Randy, head over to the link.

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