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Destiny 2 Is Now Live On PC, Go Save the World Guardian!

The day where PC master race will be able to play Destiny on their PC has come. As of today, Destiny 2 is available for PC exclusively through Blizzard App (former Battle.Net) marking a big landmark for Bungie. Fans have been asking for a PC port for years and now it’s their time to shine.

Destiny 2’s launch on PC today was a smooth one. Players experienced minor connectivity hiccups and queues on certain campaign missions but all in all, its launch was a successful one. We may have seen almost all of Destiny 2 campaign these past 2 months while the game was available on consoles, but seeing it on PC is a new era for the Destiny.

Blizzard App has been also updated yesterday to introduce new social features and a new gifting option. You can now create groups, group chats, and your own profile page.

For those who get a problem on the client where the Play button is not available, Bungie stated that it can be fixed by simply restarting the client.

Destiny 2 is well optimized and that is no surprise keeping in mind how it has been designed from the ground up for PC. Having that said the game features uncapped FPS and 4K 60 FPS with HDR. If you own Destiny 2 on PC you can read this guide about how to tweak your graphics for Nvidia Geforce GTX Hardware. If you are just now getting into its world you can also check which are the best Destiny 2 Exotic weapons right now.

What PC owners of the game feared about is the fact that Bungie will launch all updates first on consoles and then on PC, given the gap between their releases. The company announced though that  Destiny 2 will receive updates simultaneously on all platforms from here on.

If you haven’t already grabbed Destiny 2 up then now is the time. Yes, the game’s name carries tons of hype on it, which in some cases might be bad but the port is a well-optimized one and won’t disappoint you.