League of Legends Pre-Season Will Update Health Bars for Visual Clarity

The upcoming League of Legends pre-season was already packed with a number of significant features and improvements. Today, Riot Games has added another element from the game in that lineup.

The health bars are receiving an update with new animations for visual clarity in the heat of battle. This means better indicators to differentiate between burst damage, healing, invulnerability, armor shred, bonus health, structural integrity, and ammunition.

Posting on its official forums, the developer pointed out that the new health bars will still closely resemble what we already have now in the game and players should not have to worry about the transition.

“In order to create more interesting tactical choices for players around these systems, we need to communicate them better than they are on live,” Riot Games explained. “The difficulty of League of Legends should stem from making the right decisions, not battling the interface.”

The aesthetic update to the health bars may seem minor but is all the more important to freshen up things in League of Legends. The new changes should make their way to the Public Beta Environment (PBE) later this week.

The League of Legends pre-season is scheduled to go live on November 8, shortly after the conclusion of the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds 2017) on November 4. Those unaware can head here to see what changes are incoming during the pre-season.