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Assassin’s Creed Origins Abilities Guide: Hunter, Warrior, Seer

With the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins, Ubisoft is making some major changes to the franchise that might move forward to next installments if received well. We now have a more RPG like experience thanks to a leveling up system as well as a giant skill-tree that will define your character’s core abilities.

The skill tree is divided into three different classes – Hunter, Warrior, and Seer. You can spend your Animus Points towards any of one of these classes or mix and match for a more balanced Bayek. The following Assassin’s Creed Origins abilities guide will help you understand which abilities are available to you.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Abilities Guide

Assassin’s Creed Origins Hunter Abilities

Assassins Creed Origins Hunter abilities allow you to have a more traditional AC experience. These abilities are going to boost your bow skills and help add more abilities to your companion Senu.

Master Hunter: Increase damage of all your bows by 1%. You can buy this ability multiple times

Stealth Kill Streak: Chained Stealth kills increases the amount of XP you get

Bow Fury: After getting a stealth kill with your bow, you’ll have 3-second slo-mo window with your bow. This allows you to kill more than one enemy.

Elite Ranger: Jumping in the air while aiming your bow will trigger slow-mo.

Enhanced Light Bow: More stability while shooting

Enhanced Warrior Bow: Charge the shot and reduce its dispersion zone

Chain Assassination: Kill an enemy and throw his weapon at another enemy nearby

Headshot XP: Headshots grants bonus XP

Assassination XP: Kills grant more XP

Assassination Loot: Automatically loot an assassinated enemy

Eagle Tagging: Use Senu in the stationary mode to tag points of interests as well as enemies

Eagle Harass: While in stationary mode, look at an enemy and have Senu stun him. Senu can also harass enemies.

Bow Bearer: Equip a second bow

Arrow Retriever: Loot arrows stuck on your shield

Hunter’s Instinct: Mark an enemy, civilian, or animal using Senu to see which route they are taking

Assassin’s Creed Origins Warrior Abilities

The warrior class is less stealth and more action. If you a strong believer of “no one will notice if no one’ alive” moto of some AC players than invest in the Warrior abilities.

Master Warrior: Increase damage for all of your melee attacks by 1%. You can buy this ability multiple time.

Adrenaline 2: Your Adrenaline is filled by +25% at the beginning of each encounter.

Kill Loot: Automatically look an a killed enemy

Shield Charge: When locked on an enemy you can run faster and base enemies along the way. Your adrenaline will drain

Air Attack: Perform an air attack

Adrenaline 1: Your adrenaline is filled by +25% at the start of any encounter

Extend Combo: Deal one more melee attack to an enemy before they are able to recover.

Attack & Push: After a light attack you can perform a push attack combo

Overpower: When your adrenaline bar is full you can unleash the power of your weapon

Overpower XP: Using Overpower to kill enemies grants XP boost

Overpower Chainthrow: After killing an enemy Overpower attack you can throw that enemy’s weapon at a different target

Overpower Combo: After an Overpower attack you can chain light attacks

Overpower Ultra: Overpower deals more damage

Weapon Bearer: Equip second melee weapon

Charge Heavy Attack: Charge a heavy attack to deal more damage and break shields even. You can also knock enemies to the ground

Parry: Parry in shield mode

Regeneration: Regenerate during combat

Hijack: Pull enemy drivers off the mount and mount yourself

Assassin’s Creed Origins Seer Abilities

Seer class is made up of barter abilities; you’ll have a few tips and tricks up you sleeve.

Master Seer: Increase damage of your tools by an additional %1. This ability can be bought multiple times

Tool Kill XP: Get more XP with Tool tools

Backstore: You can purchase rare gear in shops

Salesman: Animal goods and trinkets can be sold for an extra 25%

Buy Materials: Purchase crafting materials from shops. Blacksmith and Weaver Shops sell different kinds of materials.

Chariot Owner: Buy War Chariots from stable shops

Flesh Decay: Infect dead bodies that will contaminate enemies

Berserk: Use this substance on a lower level unaware enemy and make him attack his allies

Animal Taming: After using a sleep dart on an enemy you can tame them to follow you

Poison Darts: Throw poison darts at enemies

Fire Bombs: Set enemies on fire

Smoke Screen Damage: Smoke Screen will cause damage to enemies

Sleep Darts: Throw sleep darts to knock out enemies

Dawn & Dusk: Use this to move time forward

Breath Holding Champion: Stay underwater for longer periods of time

Smoke Screen: Use these to affect enemy vision

Call Mount: Call your Mount (acquired by default)

Pyromaniac: 50% more fire damage