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There Will Be No PUBG 2, Developer Commits to “Game as a Service” Model

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has already amassed so much success during its early access period on Steam that many have begun wondering what the future will bring.

Speaking with

" rel="noopener" target="_blank">IGN in a recent interview, creator Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene responded to questions regarding where he envisions the game to be five years from now. While many developers and publishers move on to installments in order to cash in on a successful franchise, there are no such plans for PUBG.

Destiny, for example, originally arrived with plans to keep the community active for ten years. It ultimately caved in to make way for Destiny 2 just three years after. In that light, Greene is absolutely confident that there will be no sequel to PUBG down the line.

The development team intends to “refine” the battle royale experience in the existing setting as the years pass. This means new maps, weapons, cosmetic upgrades, features, improvements, and more to keep things fresh with regular and seasonal updates.

“We’re building this game as a service. We’ll still have the box copy that you buy – that’s what you get for PUBG,” Greene said. “We still want to polish and refine, and add more maps, add more assets, I could totally kind of refine the gameplay and optimize as we go forward.”

PUBG has sold more than 15 million copies since it entered early access on Steam in late March. These numbers are only going to skyrocket once the game finally releases in its full form later this year, as well as arriving on Xbox One through the Xbox Insider Program around the same time.

Such a large community means that it will be hungry for content. Hopefully, the development team is ready to satisfy that hunger and convince the players to keep playing for the coming years.