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Portuguese Retailer Breaks Super Mario Odyssey Street Date, Spoilers Are Out

Super Mario’s next adventure, Super Mario Odyssey is just a few days ahead before release and it sure will be a bumpy one. As it seems there are players already playing the game in Portugal, where a retailer (for whatever reason) broke the Super Mario Odyssey street date and as a result, there are spoilers all over the web.

If you want your gameplay experience on October 27th when you grab Super Mario Odyssey to be stellar then you are advised to stay off Youtube for a bit since gameplay videos are popping up like crazy. There is even gameplay videos making it to the recommended videos which contains major spoiler on thumbnails so it’s pretty obvious that your game will be spoiled beyond repair.

Players who managed to buy Super Mario Odyssey though have shared screenshots of the things included in the retail edition of the game and gave information about the surprises we will see while playing the game.

Apart from the spoiler gameplay videos flooding Youtube, Nintendo released a new gameplay trailer featuring Cappy, Super Mario’s new best friend. Cappy will give Mario new abilities and give him the opportunity to take control of enemies and turn them to his will.

EDGE magazine has given out the first Super Mario Odyssey review score. Nintendo fans should be excited to know that the score is, in this case, a perfect 10. Famitsu, also rated the game giving it a 39 out of 40, naming it a masterpiece. It seems like our favorite video game plumber will be the center of attention for October, with the spotlight being focused on all the new features implemented in its gameplay and the vastness of its world.

Super Mario Odyssey is releasing on October 27th exclusively for Nintendo Switch as one of the biggest Super Mario video games ever created. Nintendo has announced that it will run at 60 FPS on Nintendo Switch.